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Why should I purchase my steam turbine generator package from a packager?

Just by virtue of the nature of the product, and as the name (steam turbine generator "package") implies, what you are purchasing is a package of a number of different and technically diverse high-ticket products combined into a highly engineered package requiring in-depth engineering expertise over that broad range of products and disciplines.


Couldn't one of the T-G package component OEMs do the packaging?

Yes, that is certainly a possibility. However, is it the best alternative for you, the purchaser? None of the component OEMs specialize exclusively in T-G packages, and thus their focus is somewhat diluted. Any OEM would undoubtedly maintain an engineering staff well suited to their main product focus. What about the many other components, some of which require vastly different engineering disciplines? Typically, no one OEM manufactures more than 40% of the T-G package. Consequently, 60% or more of any T-G package would require engineering expertise different from the OEM's primary engineering focus. A T-G packager, dedicated to only that business, will have on staff or on retainer engineering expertise covering the complete range of technical disciplines. STG is not only dedicated to the packaging of turbine generators, but our focus is directed at only steam turbine generator packages.


Won't a packager be more expensive because all components will be marked up?

Not necessarily. Because even OEMs will have to purchase at least 60% of the package, and most of the OEMs capable of packaging are larger and have much higher burden rates than a typical T-G packager. Therefore, their component mark ups are higher, and their cost to package is greater than most T-G packagers.     


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