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Joe Meucci
Founder STG


Joe Meucci, founder of Meucci Equipment Sales Company, Inc. (MESCO) and co-founder of Steam Turbine Generators, LLC (STG) has spent most of his professional career working with steam turbines, power production and energy related equipment. In 1993 Joe started MESCO, a manufacturers' rep organization devoted to the sales of steam turbines and other power related equipment. Since then MESCO and REM have successfully worked together on numerous power projects. In fact they worked so well together that they decided to formalize the arrangement. in the latter part of 2005. As a result of this close working relationship STG was incorporated in June of 2008.


Joe graduated from the University of Hartford with a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and a certificate in environmental engineering. He also received his MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Joe began his career at Terry Steam Turbine Company were he was involved with almost every aspect of the steam turbine business e.g. production control, purchasing, computer programming, assembly, test, field service and troubleshooting, design engineering, product engineering, development engineering, and engineering management. He was with Terry for 16 years.


Joe's next stop was Elliott Turbomachinery were he held various management positions in both Engineering and Marketing. He had engineering responsibility for Elliott's line of single stage and small multi-stage steam turbines, as well as a forced draft turbo-blower for the Navy's LHD class amphibious assault ships. Later he was also responsible for the marketing of those same products. The single stage and small multi-stage turbine line for which he was responsible, are the same turbines that are being incorporated into STG's packages. The multi-stage line was even developed under his direction He was with Elliott for 12 years when he left to start MESCO, his rep business.